Find below the intellectual outcomes and results of the Green-4-Future project.

The data entries of the IOs contain information about the number of intellectual results, the number of activities, the number of partners and the language of the language in which the delivery order is. This is part of the text title of a substantive note that goes into the file.

The partners have the following abbreviations:

P0 – UPB – University Paderborn, DE (Coordinator)

Centre for advancement of research and
development in educational technology Ltd., CY (Partner)

P2 – CALLIDUS – Callidus ustanova za obrazovanje odraslih, HR (Partner)

P3 РBFI РBerufsförderungsinstitut Burgenland, AT (Partner)

P4 – SPECTRUM – Spectrum Research Centre CLG, IE (Partner)

P5 – UPIT – Universitatea din Pitesti, RO (Partner)

P6 – UOP – University of Peloponnese, GR (Partner)

P7 – BFU – Burgaski Svoboden Universitet, BG (Partner)

P8 – ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, PT (Partner)

Language abbreviations:

BG – Bulgarian
DE – German
EN – English
GR – Greek
HR – Croatian
PT – Portuguese
RO – Romanian

Example file name with explanation:

O1-A1-P0-G4F-Questionnaire final-DE

The file name would lead to Intellectual Output 1 (O1), with a focus on activity 1 (A1), from partner P0 (UPB) on the Green-4-Future (G4F) project with regard to a questionnaire in German (DE) language.

There are four IOs (Intellectual Outputs) in Green-4-Future.

The results regarding these IOs can be found here:

Project Management (PM)

(a) Transnational Project Meetings (TPM)

(b) Templates for the Green-4-Future Project

(c) Dissemination-Files (D)

(d) Dissemination Tables

(e) Social Media Strategy and Guide

(f) Poster

(g) Newsletter

1st Newsletter

2nd Newsletter

3rd Newsletter

4th Newsletter

(h) Logos

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Green EntreComp Framework

IO2: Business Modelling for Circular Economy Businesses

A – Co-Creation of Business Model (Presentations)

Toolkit – Co-Creation of Business Model

B – Collaborative Recycling Reuse Model

Toolkit – Collaborative Recycling Reuse Model

C – The Sustainable Consumption Model

Toolkit – Sustainable Consumption Model

IO3: In-service Training

Phase 1: Trainingmaterials

Phase 1: Annex 1

Phase 1: Annex 2

Phase 1: Annex 3

Phase 1: Annex 4

Phase 1: Annex 5

Phase 1: Annex 6

Phase 2: Circular Economy

Phase 2: Business Models

Phase 2: Greening Businesses

Phase 2: Training Materials

IO4: Green-4-Future MOOC

Access the MOOC here