Green-4-Future Project Partners Convene in Paderborn for the final Landmark Meeting

Paderborn, Germany

The Green-4-Future project, a pioneering initiative focused on greening the EntreComp Framework to reconcile economic development with environmental security, is set to achieve new milestones as it gathers for its 5th partner meeting. This event, scheduled from June 27th to 29th, 2023, is hosted by the University of Paderborn (UPB) in Paderborn, Germany.

A Collaborative Effort with Global Reach

The Green-4-Future project boasts a consortium of nine partners from across Europe, including Germany, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Portugal. With a mission to promote sustainability in entrepreneurship, the project addresses the pressing need for businesses and individuals to adopt environmentally responsible practices.

Agenda Highlights

The partner meeting is poised to be an engaging and insightful event, featuring a range of topics and discussions:

  • Welcoming the Participants: The meeting began with a warm welcome by Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner and Niclas C. Grüttner, setting the tone for productive collaboration.
  • Overview of the Green4Future Project: An overview of the project, delving into intellectual outputs, document insights, the project website, and interactive discussions was provided.
  • Status Reports from Partner Countries: Partners from each country presented short powerpoint presentations outlining the Green-4-Future activities within their respective nations, with a focus on in-service training.
  • Panel Discussion on Sustainability: A panel discussion featuring one representative from each partner institution explored sustainability and the green economy in education.
  • Multiplier Events and the Green4Future MOOC: Core information on multiplier events and the Green4Future MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) were shared and discussed.
  • Final Steps and Project Milestones: Discussion on the project timeline, work plan, responsibilities, and milestones, all of which are critical for the project’s success.
  • Project Management and Dissemination: Insights into project management structures, financial aspects, and dissemination strategies had been shared.
  • Meeting Evaluation and Social Dinner Event: The meeting concluded with an evaluation and a social dinner event.

A Path to a Greener Future

The Green-4-Future project is committed to shaping a future where sustainable entrepreneurship is at the core of economic development. By exchanging knowledge, sharing resources, and fostering collaboration among partners, the project aims to empower individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices.

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