Green-4-Future Project Showcases Successes at June 2023 Meeting in Paderborn

Paderborn, Germany

In June 2023, representatives from various countries, including Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, and Ireland, convened in Paderborn to celebrate the achievements of the Erasmus+ project, Green-4-Future. This meeting served as a platform to discuss the project’s outcomes and share insights gained during its implementation.

The gathering was marked by dynamic discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at “greening” the EntreComp Framework. Participants enthusiastically exchanged innovative ideas and best practices focused on strengthening businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The diversity of perspectives and the collective aspiration to build a greener future were truly inspiring.

A major focal point of the discussions was the alignment of the economy with ecological challenges. By integrating sustainability into the core of the EntreComp Framework, Green-4-Future aims to promote eco-friendly business models that harmonize economic success with ecological responsibility.

The meeting served as a testament to the dedication and passion of all those involved in the Green-4-Future project, highlighting the progress made in fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental awareness.