Green-4-Future Project Nears Completion: Final Submission Deadline Set for October 30, 2023

The Green-4-Future project is excited to announce that the project’s journey is entering its final phase. Over the course of this project, we have worked tirelessly to promote green entrepreneurship, sustainability, and circular economy practices across multiple disciplines and sectors.

As we approach the project’s culmination, we would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated partners from various countries who have collaborated with us on this transformative endeavor. Together, we have explored innovative ways to integrate sustainability into entrepreneurship education, developed valuable resources, and engaged with stakeholders and policymakers to advocate for sustainable practices.

While we are eager to see the project’s impact continue to grow, we must also prepare for the project’s closure. To ensure the seamless conclusion of the Green-4-Future project, all project-related materials and documentation must be submitted to the National Agency by October 30, 2023.

This final step represents both an end and a new beginning. While our direct collaboration within this project will conclude, we are optimistic that the knowledge, resources, and networks established during this journey will continue to drive positive change in entrepreneurship and sustainability.

We express our sincere appreciation to all those who have been part of this remarkable project. Together, we have laid the groundwork for a greener, more sustainable future. And in the meantime, we will discuss our results with students from different areas.

About Green-4-Future

The Green-4-Future project is a collaborative initiative focused on integrating green entrepreneurship, sustainability, and circular economy principles into education and business practices. It brings together partners from multiple countries to develop innovative resources and advocate for a more sustainable entrepreneurial landscape.


Different Nations – One Solution: Influencing the Future trough Sustainability

In today’s world, sustainability projects play an important role in addressing environmental challenges and shaping a more sustainable future. However, it is often overlooked how various projects can interact with each other to collectively achieve greater impact. In a recent research poster presentation, we highlighted the importance of synergy within our sustainability projects and how our diverse initiatives can mutually benefit each other.

The event featured insights from a selection of our Erasmus+ projects, including Greenworld, Green-4-Future, Reliable Green, and UglyFruitsNot!, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and their potential for positive change.

Here’s a glimpse of what each project represents:

  1. Greenworld: Focused on raising awareness among youth about sustainability and the green economy.
  2. Green-4-Future: Dedicated to promoting circular economy practices, fostering sustainable businesses.
  3. Reliable Green: A project emphasizing sustainable remote work solutions, especially pertinent in the evolving work landscape.
  4. UglyFruitsNot!: A campaign targeting waste reduction by challenging misconceptions about aesthetically imperfect fruits and vegetables.

The research poster presentation served as a platform to illustrate how these diverse projects can complement and amplify each other’s impact, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. By recognizing the interconnectedness of these initiatives, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts in the field of sustainability.

If you open the PDF-File and scan the QR-Codes, you will be directed to the websites of the different projects.


New Newsletter Released: Green-4-Future Project Updates and Achievements

We are excited to announce the release of our latest newsletter, highlighting the recent developments and accomplishments of the Green-4-Future project. This initiative, aimed at promoting sustainability education, has been making significant strides in equipping Vocational Education and Training (VET) tutors with the tools and knowledge to integrate sustainability principles into their teaching methodologies.

Key Contents of the Newsletter:

Transnational Training Events for VET Tutors In February and April 2023, two successful transnational training events were held at the University of Paderborn, Germany. These events brought together VET professionals from partner countries and provided them with immersive learning experiences focused on integrating the GreenEntreComp Framework and Business Modelling for Circular Economy into their curricula. Participants engaged in workshops and discussions, enhancing their capacity to guide students in sustainable business practices and eco-friendly innovation.

Final Partner Meeting in Paderborn The Final Project Meeting, held from June 26th to 28th, 2023, provided an opportunity for project partners to review the status of the Green-4-Future project, including completed Intellectual Outputs (IOs) and future plans. Partners focused on finalizing the Green-4-Future MOOC and discussed dissemination strategies.

Final Project Conference in Paderborn The Final Project Conference, hosted on June 28th, 2023, featured speakers from partner countries who presented the project’s results and shared their experiences. The conference facilitated valuable discussions and insights for future development.

State of the Intellectual Outputs We are delighted to report the completion of all Intellectual Outputs, including the GreenEntreComp Framework, Business Modelling for Circular Economy Businesses, In-service Training for VET Tutors, and the Green-4-Future MOOC.

Next Steps As the project nears its conclusion, partners are preparing to close the project and compile the necessary documents for the final report. The Green-4-Future resources will remain accessible online for the next five years, with partners actively working to promote access and utilization.

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Title: Green-4-Future Project Launches Website and MOOC for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education

In a significant stride toward promoting sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental awareness, the Green-4-Future project has unveiled its official website,, and a groundbreaking Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform,

Green4Future: Cultivating Sustainability in Entrepreneurship

Green-4-Future is an Erasmus+ project that brings together representatives from diverse countries, including Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, and Ireland. Its mission? To foster a harmonious relationship between economic development and environmental sustainability by equipping businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Power of Information Sharing

The newly launched website serves as a central hub for all information related to the Green-4-Future project. Visitors will find comprehensive insights into the project’s objectives, partner countries, and the strides made toward greener entrepreneurship. The website provides a valuable resource for individuals and organizations interested in sustainable business practices.

A Revolutionary MOOC Platform

In addition to the website, the Green-4-Future project has introduced an innovative MOOC platform. The Green-4-Future MOOC is a dynamic and interactive online learning platform that encapsulates the wealth of knowledge generated throughout the project’s duration. This platform allows users to access a wide range of educational materials, resources, and tools focused on sustainable entrepreneurship.

What the Green-4-Future MOOC Offers

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The MOOC offers a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship, including green business models, environmental responsibility, and more.
  • Accessible Learning: It is open to anyone interested in sustainable entrepreneurship, providing a flexible and self-paced learning environment.
  • Multilingual Support: To ensure accessibility to a wider audience, the MOOC platform offers multilingual support, catering to learners from diverse linguistic backgrounds.
  • Expert Insights: Users can benefit from the expertise and experiences shared by professionals and experts in the field of sustainability and entrepreneurship.

A Greener Tomorrow Begins with Education

The launch of the Green-4-Future website and MOOC underscores the project’s commitment to creating a sustainable future through education and information sharing. By making these resources readily available, the project aims to inspire and empower individuals and businesses to make environmentally responsible choices and contribute to a more eco-conscious world.

For more information about the Green-4-Future project, please visit To explore the MOOC platform and embark on a journey toward sustainable entrepreneurship, visit


Green-4-Future Project Showcases Successes at June 2023 Meeting in Paderborn

Paderborn, Germany

In June 2023, representatives from various countries, including Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, and Ireland, convened in Paderborn to celebrate the achievements of the Erasmus+ project, Green-4-Future. This meeting served as a platform to discuss the project’s outcomes and share insights gained during its implementation.

The gathering was marked by dynamic discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at “greening” the EntreComp Framework. Participants enthusiastically exchanged innovative ideas and best practices focused on strengthening businesses’ and entrepreneurs’ commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The diversity of perspectives and the collective aspiration to build a greener future were truly inspiring.

A major focal point of the discussions was the alignment of the economy with ecological challenges. By integrating sustainability into the core of the EntreComp Framework, Green-4-Future aims to promote eco-friendly business models that harmonize economic success with ecological responsibility.

The meeting served as a testament to the dedication and passion of all those involved in the Green-4-Future project, highlighting the progress made in fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental awareness.


Green-4-Future Project Partners Convene in Paderborn for the final Landmark Meeting

Paderborn, Germany

The Green-4-Future project, a pioneering initiative focused on greening the EntreComp Framework to reconcile economic development with environmental security, is set to achieve new milestones as it gathers for its 5th partner meeting. This event, scheduled from June 27th to 29th, 2023, is hosted by the University of Paderborn (UPB) in Paderborn, Germany.

A Collaborative Effort with Global Reach

The Green-4-Future project boasts a consortium of nine partners from across Europe, including Germany, Cyprus, Croatia, Austria, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Portugal. With a mission to promote sustainability in entrepreneurship, the project addresses the pressing need for businesses and individuals to adopt environmentally responsible practices.

Agenda Highlights

The partner meeting is poised to be an engaging and insightful event, featuring a range of topics and discussions:

  • Welcoming the Participants: The meeting began with a warm welcome by Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner and Niclas C. Grüttner, setting the tone for productive collaboration.
  • Overview of the Green4Future Project: An overview of the project, delving into intellectual outputs, document insights, the project website, and interactive discussions was provided.
  • Status Reports from Partner Countries: Partners from each country presented short powerpoint presentations outlining the Green-4-Future activities within their respective nations, with a focus on in-service training.
  • Panel Discussion on Sustainability: A panel discussion featuring one representative from each partner institution explored sustainability and the green economy in education.
  • Multiplier Events and the Green4Future MOOC: Core information on multiplier events and the Green4Future MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) were shared and discussed.
  • Final Steps and Project Milestones: Discussion on the project timeline, work plan, responsibilities, and milestones, all of which are critical for the project’s success.
  • Project Management and Dissemination: Insights into project management structures, financial aspects, and dissemination strategies had been shared.
  • Meeting Evaluation and Social Dinner Event: The meeting concluded with an evaluation and a social dinner event.

A Path to a Greener Future

The Green-4-Future project is committed to shaping a future where sustainable entrepreneurship is at the core of economic development. By exchanging knowledge, sharing resources, and fostering collaboration among partners, the project aims to empower individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices.

For more information about the Green-4-Future project, please visit


Green4Future Project Showcased at the TCA Sustainability Event in Munich

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the National Agency at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) for affording us the opportunity to participate in the Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) focused on Sustainability in Munich form June 14th to June 16th. The experience was nothing short of inspiring and enriching!

The TCA offered a plethora of open spaces and discussions, allowing us to delve deeply into the realms of sustainability and sustainable mobility within Erasmus+ projects. It was truly impressive to witness passionate individuals from various countries come together to share their ideas and experiences in pursuit of a more sustainable future.

A particular source of pride for us was the presentation on Green Entrepreneurship and the Green Entrecomp Framework, which was developed within our Green4Future project. The discussion surrounding the insights and progress of our project was truly stimulating. Through our collective efforts in the project, we have worked towards crafting innovative solutions for eco-conscious entrepreneurship and empowering young individuals to engage in this domain.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who contributed to making this event an engaging and insightful experience. Together, we are forging a path towards a greener future.


Green-4-Future Partners Convene in Zagreb for Project Meeting

Zagreb, Croatia

The Green-4-Future project marked a significant milestone with a productive partner meeting held in Zagreb, Croatia, from October 26th to 27th, 2022. The event was graciously hosted by our Croatian partner, Callidus.

Engaging Discussions and Project Progress

The meeting kicked off with partners coming together to present and deliberate on the current status of the Green-4-Future project. Topics of discussion spanned across various facets of the project, including an overview of the learning outputs and the project website. Partners also delved into the current project status within their respective organizations.

Completion of IO1 – GreenEntreComp Framework

One notable highlight was the completion of IO1 – GreenEntreComp Framework, a foundational element of the Green-4-Future project. This framework sets the stage for promoting sustainable entrepreneurship by equipping individuals and organizations with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the green business landscape effectively.

A Focus on IO2 and IO3

With IO1 successfully achieved, partners shifted their focus to IO2 – Business Modelling for Circular Economy Businesses and IO3 – In-service. These crucial components will further enrich the Green-4-Future project, contributing to its mission of cultivating sustainability in entrepreneurship.

A Shared Vision for a Greener Future

The Zagreb meeting underscored the dedication and collaborative spirit of all Green-4-Future partners. It reaffirmed the commitment to building a greener future through education, innovation, and sustainable business practices.

About Green-4-Future

The Green-4-Future project unites partners from diverse countries with the common goal of promoting sustainability in entrepreneurship. Through comprehensive learning outputs, innovative frameworks, and shared expertise, the project aims to empower businesses and individuals to embrace environmentally responsible practices.